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Digital Marketing Business School (DMBS) is a brand of ROI Fast Tract Info Tech Solutions. ROI Fast track Infotech Solutions has made its own mark in the web developing and hosting. It has evolved from a small company to the one of the most elite company in the city over a period of more than 15 years.

While hiring digital marketers for the company, it was found that many aspirants had knowledge of Internet but lack the vital skills, i.e. Digital Marketing Skills. This as when the idea struck to start a DMBS, the complete digital marketing training which not only provided the complete knowledge of Digital Marketing, but also made the learners the masters of the skills by exposure to the industry through internship, live project experience, and hands on experience on the industry used tools.

The Digital Marketing Business School sets the global standard in digital marketing and selling certifications, our learning content is validated by the world’s leading digital brands and agencies, including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter. The digital marketing course content is developed by our DMBS experts and the digital marketing course modules are arranged in order that students can learn development and strategy implementation step by step in easy way. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experiences and case studies.

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It’s time to know how this course is effective solution for you
  • With Digital marketing skills from DMBS, you will be able to discover huge opportunity to generate leads to your business. With these skills, you will be able to reach the targeted customers as well.

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  • With the industry demanded skills in hand, and with an experience on a live project your job search is made free from hustle and bustle. The process of finding a job is simplified.

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  • Be the professionals don’t think of themselves as an employee and hence are on the verge of improving their skills throughout their career. Accelerate your career growth with enhanced skills and also beneficial for my company as well.

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  • Open the gate of opportunities, to work at times most convenient for you. Earn some extra money along with your fulltime job. You can choose the clients you wish to work with and the projects on which you work.

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