Tools play a vital role for any business owner to increase efficiency and high productivity. It is a boon for every industrialists and owner of business where tools are evolving continuously with the emerging needs in the market. Periodically every now and then a tool is outdated and revamped.

Similarly, when it comes to digital marketing tools, there is a huge number of tools designed targeting specific tasks to overcome. One of the tools amongst all is SEO. Although there are SEO checker online free tools available but considering the fact that they have no longer credibility. Being an online marketer or a blogger or more specifically if you are a small business owner it’s high time to choose the perfect SEO tools. These SEO tools are not only about ranking your website but are helpful in key functions like research upon keywords and competitors or maybe building your actionable links.

Several SEO tools are there to boost your ranking but below mentioned are the most modern, exceptional and commendable ones.

A Quick Tour To SEO checker free online tools for 2017 and 2018

  1. Seobility: The Best SEO Checker Free Online Tool

  • Purpose: SEO Audit
  • Rate: Free/Paid

Seobility enables you to be aware of your website’s optimization regarding how good or bad it is generically. Apart from that seobility allows you check 4 major credentials which are:

  • SEO check – will suggest improved and superior search engine optimization guidelines after testing your website
  • Keyword check – will match between the keyword(s) targeted and the optimized page
  • SEO compare – compares couple of pages for single keyword term
  • Ranking check – will check your page rank for every keyword

Seobility raises the websites ranking by guiding through the above 4 checker’s.

Note: Free plan is offered but only one usage domain is allowed. Premium plans @ $40/month with 30 days free trial.

  1. Pitchbox

  • Purpose: Outreach
  • Rate: Paid

Being not exactly a SEO tool but very useful while link building. As a matter of fact there is lot of outreached involved while building links, Pitchbox executes it 10 times faster than manually which generally not happens in online free. The special feature of sequencing email helps in setting up follow-up emails automatically. Additional features like link monitoring pitchbox provides. Multiple users have more advantage.

Note: Plans @ $195/month with 15 days free trial.

  1. SEOquake
  • Purpose: Competitor research
  • Rate: Free

It is an extension to free browser like MozBar. SEOquake toolbar will come while you are researching about your competitors. Few key metrics SEOquake helps in viewing are:

  • Quantity of external links
  • SEM rush rank
  • Google index
  • Domain age and many more…
  1. Ahrefs
  • Purpose: Research and analysis
  • Rate: Freemium

Almost every small business owners and online marketers prefer Ahrefs as one of the profitable SEO marketing tools. The only reason being is to improve their search rankings. The tool also has something called Content Explorer which explores throughout the web for the trendiest content may be regards to any keyword or topic. Also the site explorer is also good for analysis in Ahrefs. One more tool which makes quite fascinated about it is the Keyword Explorer 2.0 that helps you getting keyword’s search volume, overview of SERP (Search Engine Research Page) and difficulty level. Ahrefs is gaining prominence as one of the strongest SEO checker free online tools that not only help you do competitor analysis but also help you run multiple campaigns.

Note: Plans @ $99/month.

SEO Checker Free Online

  1. Seed Keywords
  • Purpose: Keyword Research
  • Rate: Free

It’s the easiest and coolest SEO tool where you as a marketer ask questions creating a scenario. Once you start receiving enough responses from people you will be having a right set of search terms from real-life internet users. Surprisingly this tool is 100% free. The collected responses are then used for research upon keywords. This online free platform will be beneficial for the online marketers.

  1. LinkMiner
  • Purpose: Link Building
  • Rate: Free

LinkMiner takes broken links to the next level by giving you more and more about it. Earlier Check my Links was there which only helped in finding out whether the link is working or not. Few of the data’s LinkMiner pulls up are:

  • Facebook likes
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Backlink numbers from Ahrefs

How popular the broken link is what you get to know from this tool and these sort of facilities are not available in any SEO checker tools available online.

  1. Authority Labs
  • Purpose: Rank Tracking
  • Rate: Paid

The most innovative SEO tool as far now Authority Labs helps in tracking rank as well as monitors SERP by availability of searching by country, city or postal code. This one tool covers each and everything like the whole keyword, its rank position and its search volume. Also it helps in knowing about competitors ranking search. Some more advantages of this tool include mobile rank tracking and weekly/monthly reports.

Note: Plans @ $99/month with 30 days free trial

  1. SEOptimer
  • Purpose: SEO Audit
  • Rate: Free

Your website’s SEO can be determined by SEOptimer. If you are working on SEO then it is sole responsibility to know whether it’s going good or bad. The tool will help you in showing your on page metrics and off page metrics both. After completing the audit SEOptimer will rank your website with some recommendations.

  1. SEM Rush
  • Purpose: Keyword and Competitor Research
  • Rate: Freemium

This tool is one of the best tools for competitors’ research. It has more than 20 different ways to research about competitors. As a small business owner or an online marketer it is a must have because it lets you know competitors best backlinks, best content, best keywords and many more. SEM Rush even is best for paid traffic and PPC.SEM Rush is one of the robust SEO checker free online tools that have taken marketing analysis by storm. It is known for its accuracy and efficiency.

  1. Long Tail Pro
  • Purpose: Keyword Research
  • Rate: Paid

The huge potential for Long Tail Pro led itself to go even bigger. The success ratio seemed well earlier which forced this product to go wider to cloud based from a downloaded application. Before this LTP was very popular for keyword research tools in SEO but now it has made itself executing the same 10 times faster and easier.

Online business is probably nothing without SEO because it is one of the major sources of free organic traffics, leads and customers. The SEO checker free online tools can help you only knowing how decent your websites SEO is. A good SEO will always yield good results. Making your SEO prevailing long term with yielding results is what the above-mentioned tools will help you this year.

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