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4 Remarkable Campaigns for SEO Backlinks

It is no more hidden that the more you get backlinks; you will get better search engine rankings. Being the major factors for SEO, building the links are unfavourable when it comes to growing your page organically.

Do you want to increase organic traffic? You need to increase those backlinks. Once you here, what comes to the topmost priority are building links. The only possible way to get the quality of backlinks is by running campaigns.

Get started with the below awesome link building campaign tips.

1.  Influencer Marketer

There is always a Mr X in every top class blogs or posts. Nowadays most of the posts include them.

Any idea who are they?

You must be wondering what influence they are making by their presence right.

They are influenced by marketers or influencers. The only reason for mentioning influencers in your post will be getting the high voltage of links.

Also because they have wide networks, there are always high chances your posts will be shared.

Altogether it has become a powerful link building technique where you oblige someone by mentioning their name and they will link back.

2.  Use of Infographics

There’s nothing hidden in knowing the fact that visual content attracts more customers when compared to a manual word or text blogs.

Yes, it is about Infographics and is highly used for its shared pieces of content.

Stats say in comparison to normal blogs, infographics results in huge shares. Also, people find it easy to clip your infographic and put on their own blog.

As a result, you will get loads of links.

Again it is medically proved that human perceives images or visual content quickly other than texts.

There are several tools like Venngage and websites like Fiverr where you can create your infographics and customize them also further.

3.  Guest Blogging

When you blog on your own site it is wonderful. But at the same time when you post in other guest sites, it is another way of drawing traffics.

Guest blogging allows you to share your thoughts, interact and brand yourself as an industry expert. If taken from another way around, it is a free promotion.

But make sure you guest blog on high-quality sites with great profiles.

Also, there is no such hard and first rule to guest blog. Choose your favourite blog where you want to input and custom search on Google like this.

  • [Favourite site] + guest post
  • [Favourite site] + guest blog
  • [Favourite site] + blogging guidelines

And now you can see the guidelines to guest post or blog on that particular site.

You just need to follow guidelines and start submitting your posts.

4.  Prospecting for broken links

A broken link otherwise known as a dead link is typically a link that no longer exists or works on a web page.

Again when it comes to prospecting any broken links, however, it is an old technique but still works today.

You can find a broken link very easily by browsing your targeted blog site and scan the page. After getting any possible broken link, straight away communicate that particular blogger regarding the presence of a broken link in an email. That is how you introduce your blog post initially.

Tools like “check my links” are really helpful for finding any broken links by scanning a page.

Whatever marketing techniques you strategize for your content is always dependent on links. There will be a huge flow of traffic considering the backlinks you will start getting.

Most importantly you need to follow the right track for gaining links. That will result in you reaching top rankings. There is no doubt that you need to be a little aggressive while performing all these tasks. The end result will be fruitful for sure but that is what basic principle.

So folks if you were still in dilemma to get backlinks to try these link building techniques and do respond to this article in the comment section.

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