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Top 10 Substitutes for Google Analytics

If you are a digital marketing student or professional, I must have used Google Analytics, right?

Google Analytics is the most desirable web analytics service is Google Analytics offered by Google itself. Ever since it is launched in 2005, it has been the popular tool to track and report website traffics.

Have you ever given a thought to your mind any other sources to track website traffics? To be very precise, Google Analytics is not only the one stop solution to this.

Find these amazing analytics source which you can obviously consider for your business.

1.  Kissmetrics

As a framework, Kissmetrics can help you in optimizing conversion points. It has advanced features like funnels and various path reports. The subscription starts at $200 per month where you can track several events with customer’s activity.

2.  Adobe Analytics

It is a comprehensive solution for enterprises. Adobe offers both website and mobile app analytics including advanced features of real-time automation and much more tools. As it provides very niche data which requires a lot of segmentation, you can directly contact the company for quoting a price.

3.  Heap

Heap is known for its quick results both in web or mobile app. A company like Lending Club has got great insights in just 32 days of sign up with Heap. They have got massive improvements in conversion. They provide free trial for 14 days and paid version starts at $99 per month.

4.  Piwik

Piwik is quite similar to Google Analytics. The key difference is Piwik permits you to keep each and every data of analytics on your own servers only. As a free and open source web analytics application it works on PHP/MySQL web server.

5.  FoxMetrics

When it comes to tracking individual customers and their behaviour, Foxmetrics comes into the picture. Unlike others, it doesn’t show the numbers overall and is a bit expensive when compared to other analytics tools. It’s pricing starts at $299 monthly but it is somewhere also based on the events and actions you want to track.

6.  Open Web Analytics

OWA is one amongst other open source tools through which you can add web analytics to your website. It runs using Javascript, PHP or REST-based application programming interface.

7.   StatCounter

As web traffic analysing tool StatCounter has both basic and advanced version. It also provides information’s regarding widespread keywords and visitor paths. As per the recent market trend, StatCounter is a widely used tool because of its powerful web analytics service.

8.  Woopra

Another option for tracking your website emails etc. Also, the platform provides real-time customer activity rather than giving anonymous data. Both free and paid options are available.

9.  Mixpanel

One of the unique features Mixpanel offers is all about knowing how customers use your site or app rather than how many use it. It tracks user interactions first and suggests a tool for communicating again.

10.  Clicky

The best way to monitor and analyse your website or blog’s traffic is Clicky. Today more than 10 lakhs websites are dependent upon Clicky to react on their traffics. Also Clicky has developed several authentic methods for blocking malicious viruses affecting your website.

When it comes to online marketing, Google Analytics has kept its stability at top notch. It helps you measuring advertising ROI tracking your social network sites. But it is not the only one stop solution. The sole concern behind using an analytical tool is to extract actionable and relevant information to increase performance.

Then why to rely on one tool? Get started with using these tools with your existing or forthcoming business ventures.

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