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A Marketers Guide To Social Media Algorithm

It’s always soothing for marketers when it comes to checking website analytics and the rich organic traffic. Not only this, most people believe Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been dropping out its value but meanwhile the impact of organic search traffic is the only reason which digresses that thought.

Once you are done with your websites authority and ranking which are achieved, now it’s a very crucial part to examine how those visits or reach can be turned into your loyal and engaging customers. As said SEO is not so collapsed, there still remains a perfect channel to this issue in getting efficient customers engaged which is “Social Media”.

It is always essential for improving strategies in every possible way in organic search results for your successful website. One of the significant approaches in making those visits into conversions is the art of connecting by individual level with customers.

The ones who are always the reason for the growth of business are the fundamentals of analytics. They are none other than customers and the true fact is, apart from other, Social Media ranks highest throughout the other internet activities recorded via online users. As such it’s pretty clear and makes sense to get in touch with your customers through social media. Increasing SEO and sales what comes to picture is Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

When it comes to SMO there are a whole lot of things to consider particularly as specific algorithms need to set for each channel. For instance Pinterest and augmenting pins for SEO purposes whereas a Google+ account helps in gaining you band authority. Whatever may be the scenario one should be aware of its business objectives which will further help in online conversations. Some of the points to focus include:

Identifying trending topics

The best and effective way nowadays is to stick with what is trending exactly and start engaging with customers tapping those topics. But here also there is something to look upon as these topics become out-dated quickly. The reason for choosing this is not because it is best for the purpose but has a high chance to get a great content for marketing.


There are lot more congestions for a visitor to understand or digest a particular content sometimes. The words and phrases used seem ambiguous to them. Hashtags help it through:

  • Boosting engagement
  • More search options
  • More reach to customers
  • Picking current interests of customers
  • More visibility
  • Adding conflicts to a content


Other than social media there are several channels still available for being in touch with your friends. So it becomes a vast opportunity for a business where quality links can be constructed and the concerned audience would love to share all those links on their social profiles. It is noted that every 20 minutes more than 1 million links are shared on Facebook.

The more strong and effective social strategy becomes, people will be more interested and inclined to it for example tweets will be retweeted with your links or your pin will be repined keeping the matter of fact that it should be loyal customers.

The bitter truth according to social media today is that approximately 100% there is no new user visit to your website out of each link from SEO link building. On the other way around when social links are considered it has tremendous potential to get engaged with customers.


Google AdWords account is a boon wherein to know which keywords to be used where. Also, other ways of determining keywords are by knowing customers’ needs and wants like:

  • Demand changing
  • Customer behaviour
  • The two-way communications
  • Improving channel effectiveness

Social Media is now trendy enough and reliable for customers to look upon any sort of product. This is what makes those customers being in touch effectively.

Google and the social media algorithm

Google search works by finding the sneak peak data and interests of people serving them web pages accordingly. Three points to be emphasised are totally built upon Google’s:

  • Crawling – Google finding a website
  • Indexing –
  • Serving –

How do social media algorithm works?

Different algorithms are set for different channels keeping engagement as the prime focus. As a result, more the content is engaged by users more will be visible by their contacts. Each time the content is shared it increases its effectiveness by increasing its power. Everything, if goes correct then for sure traffic to your website, will be huge making the content lucrative. Not only will this even Google index it as worthy content due to its higher rank in the channel.

The last word

Considering all these above facts there is no confusion if asked whether putting time and effort into your business through social pages is helpful or not. Then here’s the answer to all those queries because Social Media as a channel is the king.

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