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Google Stamp: the next big thing in Digital Marketing for 2018

Google Stamp VS Snapchat Clash of Titans

Google stamp is all set to launch a new product keeping an eye on its rivalry with Snapchat Discover. It is “Google Stamp” whose only mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities for all marketers, advertisers and publishers. Although it will hard to deal with, every possible successful strategy comes with little challenges. Earlier it was being noticed that Google is planning something to compete with Snapchat’s Discover feature for its popularity. Google Stamp is all totally integrated with its core services. To be very precise Google Stamp will be a platform to publish. As a publishing platform, it will allow brands to publish by telling stories in a highly authentic fashion. Also, it is purely meant and optimized for mobiles only.

What: So what all things are required to be known as a digital marketer specifically when Google Stamp is coming? Alike Snapchat’s Discover, it will be having the similar features. You can swipe between several contents including videos, images and texts. The whole intention is to keep users more engaged. Moreover, when compared with other social media platforms, Google ecosystem is critically different. People use Google to search having a pre-thought in mind. They come either with a product or some topic in their mind. But using Google for making stories will be altogether new experience to adapt. Now, what digital marketing needs are well-strategized plans to reach out customers effectively? Henceforth this product will make a significant growth opportunity digitally. If the companies or brands start using this, probably customer will get to know relevant product knowledge before even having its need. Eventually, it will make a new stream of revenue flow.

Various advanced analytical technologies like machine learning; predictive analytics etc. are the proof of humongous customer engagement. Also, the battle is still on between Google, Pinterest, Amazon and many more upon this. All these technologies are creating innovative ways to interact with audiences and build a rapport. Google Stamp will be obviously new to this zone of communicating with audiences. Therefore Stamp article will appear just below Google search bar so that it will bring in the attention of billion users on daily basis.

For advertisers, Google Stamp will be all total new form of storytelling. Therefore is necessary for all advertisers to not see this platform as a traditional way of communicating with audiences. If an advertiser is already running AdWords campaign, they need to integrate new skill sets to get most out of this opportunity.

Who Next question arises who all will be able to publish Stamp stories? Interestingly for Stamp worldwide famous publishers Time Inc. and CNN have been approached as prospective launch partners. It will be a way ahead customer-centric advertising platform shifting from its existing AdWords marketing model. Apart from that, it is tied up with Google’s AdSense products if you look from a business perspective. The more you are customer-centric, the more you will be getting an advantage out of Stamp.

The more you are creative, unique and good in storytelling there is a high probability of matching customer’s intent. Through advanced storytelling technique just like Stamp, you will be sharing the experience of your concerned brand. More or less it will be pretty much similar to Snapchat Discover, but Google as its existing aura will reach huge audiences. This is one of the boundless opportunities ahead to grab and run your campaigns in a different way.

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