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Top 10 Bloopers in Paid Advertising to Recognise

Top 10 Bloopers in Paid Advertising to Recognise

It is widely accepted that pay per click (PPC) just spreads magic over getting huge traffic to your websites. But the bitter truth is absolutely opposite of it. You cannot just keep on throwing dollars over multiple advertising platforms blindly. The worst case will happen when there are downsides due to refined technologies on several advertising platforms. You don’t know but these mistakes are killing your ROI simultaneously. Want to discover where you are slaying your conversion rate? Check out below and start optimizing your ads.

1.  Strategy and Budget Mismatch

Always there is a specific budget allocated for paid advertising monthly. Allocating budget also depends on the strategies you make. Suppose your budget is low for a month then you cannot afford to land on multiple advertising channels. In order to maximize the impact of your ads, restrict your ad platforms to only two. Unnecessarily don’t jump the gun!!! Similarly, when you have a high budget, you can align your investments with competitive keywords which are unique.

2.  Not Tracking ROI

Yes, it is necessary to get more traffic onto your websites. But what concerns the most is, the maximum visitors whether dripping at the end of the marketing funnel. Are they converting? This has to be tracked positively. You need to check whether you are maximizing your ROI or not. Sometimes the returns don’t only refer to profits. Based on your strategies of ads and campaigns the ROI differs. Sometimes it could be sales or sometimes only brand awareness.

3.  Not Investing in Strategies

The king of any paid advertising is the strategy behind that. At any point, if you are deviating from your strategy for a chosen advertising platform, it will be like expecting sunlight in dark night. Your strategy and plans express your key performance metrics (KPI’s). Until and unless you have a comprehensive strategy, there is no chance of being distinctive.

4.  Not Using and Testing Landing Page

A Landing page is much essential as its prime objective is to get a conversion. Do you expect your visitors to come and search for a product then go without any action? Then start putting landing page. You need conversion; you have to deliver a logical user experience. There has to be one clear call to action (CTA) on your landing page. Once you are done with the landing page it is required to test it. Testing takes time. So be patient and at least wait for a week to rectify further.

5.  Not Observing Competitors

Are your competitors ahead of you? If you don’t have an answer to this question, then probably you are neglecting your brand. Be a spy. Keep eyes on your competitors, track their performances. This habit will give you opportunities on where to improve.

6.  Not Sticking to Current Events

For a specific ad campaign, you must follow what is trending. It is impossible to reflect the same idea but somehow it is possible to relate your ad content to the current events. At the same time make sure the same Ad will not be offensive to the current scenario.

7.  Lack of Creativity

You are not creative enough if your ad doesn’t depict it. Use of high-quality pictures and putting a minimum of keywords is where you can be creative. Just a word or two should be good enough to highlight your product’s uniqueness. No matter what are you putting in your ads but make sure it is clear and visible.

8.  Not Using Google Shopping

Most specifically if you are running an e-commerce business, Google shopping ads can be a great advantage. You need to just upload high-quality images optimizing data feed of products. Simultaneously your featured images will be there on top of the search results page.

9.  Not Scaling your Campaigns

Once you have analysed your ROI, start spending dollars on those which are exceeding the target. Do not keep on investing in those which are not yielding any results. Find out those key metrics which are helping in achieving targets.

10.  Not Defining Campaign End Date

Your ad campaign date must have a starting and end date. There is no point in keeping open a campaign and unknowingly lose out reputation.

You may not identify your loss in paid advertising because the sole attention remains on making ads. Start investing in strategies which probably will let you reflect the uniqueness of the products. Paid advertising is even more interesting when you still exceed your targets being on a single advertising platform. As such you need to adopt best practices in sync with current technologies.

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