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Top 3 Website Bugs that Kill your Digital Marketing Success

Website Bugs that Kill your Digital Marketing

Think of one fine day you wake up and find your usual traffics or visitors to your website straightaway reduced to half of earlier numbers. Obviously, it will be a total shock and terrible to take it. There are several reasons behind losing out your audiences but the most annoying one is a slow site. A slow site is just like a poison which makes your website slow. For a brand, it is a slow death. You may have great blogs or great stories in your websites but at the same time, you cannot afford to raise bad impression to your visitors by slow loading of the page. At any cost, you have to mould a positive impression at the initial stage only.

Study shows, approximately it takes 3 seconds to decide upon a website for its worth. The online visitors have a strange mindset of judging a site on its loading time to open. Apparently, you cannot change that perception. What you can do is more focus on website designing. Hence designing websites is now the crucial part to consider for reducing bugs. Even a genuine customer is lost if the page is taking more than 10 seconds to load. However, the patience time is less when it comes to mobiles. Hence not an issue if you are facing the same. Have you got a problem? We have got solutions for it. Below are the top 3 reasons for slowing down of websites. Fix up those issues or bugs and continue serving.

Local Network Issues

The most common problem for any website holder or digital marketer is about local network. It is not like after loading your site the website only goes from one point to other. At the same time, it passes several hurdles between several server points. That is the reason there are interruptions in the local network. Now the very next question is how to fix it. There are several tools in the market such as Pingdom, Cyfe, and CDN etc. These tools are usually used for monitoring site performances. It will show each and every minute statistics of your site like response time, uptime, downtime, outage log and alert log. If you are new to the online marketing you can opt for basic free plans on those tools or else you can subscribe to the paid version for more advanced service.

Excessive Junk

It is hard to believe that even big renowned brands with huge digital marketing plans are still running slow websites. The only reasons leading to this are poor image size, third-party media’s and flash. The image quality has to be world-class by compressing the size but the resolution should be top notch. Do not put external media such as videos, slideshows etc. on your own site. Also if you are running flash on your websites for sure it will make slow causing issues. An easy remedy and quick fix to this problem are WordPress. If you have a WordPress account, switch to any faster WordPress theme. Another tool is Page Speed which is absolutely free as well. In this, you just need to copy paste your landing page URL and check the offender by scrolling down.

Bad Host

Choosing the best host for your business is the crucial part. Once you subscribe to any hosting services, the price grows really high due to the increase in visitors. But some brands bargain too much end up with taking cheap hosting services resulting bad deliveries. It is as simple as you get what you pay for. Modest way to fix this issue is more research on your website. Before signing up with any hosting company, research for it as well the performance of your website stats.

Whatever you are paying or researching is worth of what you need in future. These quick fixes are not just the investments but also the decision makers for a long run. If the above-mentioned issues are not solved they will be deteriorating your site. After all, it is better to plan for a worse than to deal with some when faced. So what are you waiting for? Start fixing the issues before it takes to your website’s slow death.

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