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5 Unbelievable Instagram Success Mantra’s to Replicate

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Several social media platforms are emerging every now and then. That interprets people are inclining more towards being socialized and interactive. What else could be the best platform for a business owner to advertise other than social media? Facebook advertisements we are all aware but Instagram also not surprisingly has joined the race. Instagram has over 400 million active monthly users. While the fact is only 23% of it has a brand name. E-commerce business owners have a misconception that a platform where most of the posts uploaded are related to any food or selfies, how to sell products there. Still confused? Have a look at the top 5 proven selling techniques approached by famous brands on Instagram below.

1.  Mercedes-Benzi

As a renowned and posh brand, Mercedes Benz has kept itself amongst top 5. When quality comes into the picture, the price is always high. The same thing also happened with Mercedes Benz. As a well-known car company when the time came for launching its first SUV, they were focused more towards the exposure. They prepared a rock-solid plan of advertising on Instagram. Generally, when individual plans to buy an SUV all it comes to spacious where a number of people can sit or fit more stuff. The company started posting photos relating to this and very soon they got more than 50% rise in website visitors.


2.  Levi’s

This American fashion wear has always been recognized as a classic brand for jeans. The truth is Levi is one of those brands who started advertising on Instagram. While they came to advertise, they placed photos which mentioned you can wear these jeans anywhere anytime creating a moment. The same thought matched with the people of age group 18 to 34. Levi wanted that the visitors should come at least twice and see the images. Accordingly, they started running ad campaigns with the same intent where the image will appear on user’s feed once.

3.  Burt’s Bees

As a personal care product company, Burt’s Bees when thought of putting ads on Instagram the sole intention was to grow awareness and to recall existing customers. While introducing their new collection of Lip crayon line, they targeted females within age 18-24 with unique themes. They represented this product as so natural and the image itself makes it clear.

4.  Philadelphia

Apart from being in the food industry, Philadelphia has marketed itself as a very niche by offering only cheese. It is hard to believe that how could a cheese company plan to an ad, but Instagram has created a milestone for it. Also, Philadelphia is the first ever Australian company to advertise on the same. They kept it very simple. Females between ages 25-40 who basically throw get together parties were targeted. Their Instagram images showed them how cream cheese can add values to the party planners. After running this ad, the purchase intent grew further with more than 45% sales rise.

5.  Bloom & Wild

It has done tremendously well in the market by posting ads on Instagram. Bloom & Wild used a power editor feature for the ads. Initially, they collected their existing email list and filtered likely audience. Based upon their nature they ran a few low-budget ads. Based upon a maximum number of likes the new ad image was finalized. Also, they noticed, most of the videos seemed interesting to audiences. The later part they added a call to action on those winning ad which resulted in a 65% increase in bouquet orders. This example clearly says that you don’t need dollars to run your business. All it needs is a strategic plan with a minimal budget.

Am I on the right track while selling products using Instagram? Instagram is a platform wherein generic youth are pretty much active. You have no clue but it has become the top engaging social media platform to run any business. When compared with Twitter, Instagram tops in average post engagement rate and average profile interactions. Therefore it will be always a wise idea to run ads on Instagram.

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