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Blog in business: A Lifeline to your Brand Presence

Do you care about your brand’s presence on the online platform? Most of the time as an e-commerce business owner, you held up yourself at deciding on allocating budget. Although it is quite necessary to invest wisely you cannot take risk of losing out search engine results page (SERP). Your website will add value only when you create rich content of what you offer. This is where “Blogs” come into the picture. Content or a blog gives in-depth knowledge as well as the additional advantage of your products or services. Appropriate keywords with high-quality content will definitely improve your websites page ranking.

3 Non-negotiable things to consider before writing a blog

  • SEO Projection

You can never relate the power of SEO in the marketing funnel where conversion happens at the end. If you want customers to purchase your product, then you have to start helping them from the starting of their research. In this way, you can set your daily SEO projection rate. A blog should involve both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your content or subject. Sometimes it is generic that customers are not aware of them being entered into the marketing funnel. So the conversion rate depends upon SEO’s performance. As such no point of improving SEO without keywords and content.

seo in marketing

  • Orientation towards user intent

Make sure your content creates global awareness where you can reach out to large global audiences. Before writing a blog just keep you in the place of a customer. That particular approach will make you figure out their queries. Being an online presence, you must offer what customer needs not what you have. Similarly, this can only happen when you build stories out of your product and communicate it to the customer. One more thing which is high time to take as granted is your content in a blog somewhere somehow gives a comprehensive solution to a customer.

  • Extraordinary keywords for featured snippets

However, this is a clever technique to increase your content visibility but needs the strong involvement of keywords. Obtaining a featured snippet takes hard work to put into but still is the best practice for on-page content. Here your main focus is where you target. Whenever your target audience searches for something or makes queries, your content appears. So this feature again brings you back to the blog. To ensure that your content may be explorative in nature but the target audience should be the prime focus. The beauty of featured snippets is no matter your page ranks in position 1 or not, still it appears above other search results.

Content creation is always a dynamic process to expand your brand presence online. After all Google, itself ranks your page on search results. The more you ingest fresh content in your website, there will be regular Google crawling and your site is indexed. Not an issue if you lack in content. A blog in another way round will definitely help you in expanding your content. As mentioned earlier, a blog resolves specific queries of your targeted audiences knowingly or unknowingly.

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