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MBA or Digital Marketing- Facts Every Student Must Know Today!

MBA or Digital Marketing - Facts Every Student Must Know

With over 5,500 B schools in India, the oversupply of MBA graduates is pretty overwhelming w.r.t the current job opportunities. However, the current turmoil in the job market cannot overshadow the significance of MBA learning. Nevertheless, MBA curriculum is strong enough to craft a strong professional career but the present circumstances are highly liable to dynamic market trends.

So as to substantiate the scenario let’s look into the statements made by some of the popular publishers of the nation:

“Out of three lakh MBA graduates every year, only 10% are employable”

Economic Times 

“Blow to B schools: 93% of management graduates unemployable”

First post

“Only 7% of MBA graduates employable, rest earn 8-10k”

Indian Express

It’s quite ugly yet the fact that the ROI of an MBA study is really terrible. An average MBA college would cost you around 7 to 15 lakhs while an MBA seat abroad will cost you minimum of 25 lakhs and unfortunately the very first average take-home of an MBA graduate is not more than 15,000 INR.

MBA or Something else..

Such a disgraceful scenario propelled the confusion to raise whether to go for MBA in marketing or something else..

Lately, with the advent of Digital Marketing technology the confusion is fading away. Now let us make it clearer.

MBA in marketing is a traditional course that helps you to learn the “in and out” of conventional business and multiple strategies that holds a high significance in traditional market place. It teaches you various offline advertising mechanism; in a nutshell you learn the fundamentals of traditional business theoretically.

MBA is Fading and Out Dated Today

For a fact, studying MBA was a matter of honour two decades back when most of companies were dependant on field and conventional marketing methodologies when internet was simply a myth for half of the globe but today things have changed.

Now market is disrupted, with internet being so reasonable and penetrating to the deepest corners of the country, people and businesses are finding it profitable to gather and broadcast information reasonably using internet. Moreover, attributes like analytics, accountability, transparency and remarketing capacities are making digital marketing highly powerful over traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing is Trending

This is where digital marketing as a technology is getting prominence with each passing day. As per a survey, it was found that today most of the businesses have started to channelise their ad spending towards digital channels.

digital advertaising in india

Digital Marketing Commits Employ-ability

This caters to a great opportunity for online marketing professionals and generates plethora of job opportunities in digital marketing industry. So we consider the year 2017, as the transition phase where the market scenario is compelling yesteryear successful marketers to learn digital skills so as to tackle the competition. Even companies are face-lifting their strategies and training their marketing workforce with digital marketing tactics to survive in the cut throat market.

Whether its IT, innovation, luxury, hospitality, travel and tourism, healthcare , education each and every industry today is realising lucrative  opportunities in online space and gradually transforming their businesses on to e-commerce platform. As per a report, about 8 lakhs job opportunities are about to erupt by the end of 2017.

Digital Marketing: It’s Affordable with Google and Facebook Certifications

As compared to a full time MBA, a good digital marketing course will cost you much less. Moreover, it makes you industry ready at global level by helping you earn international recognised certifications from Google, Facebook and Hub-spot. Institutes like DMBS caters to an intensive hand holding and training support from industry experts that help you to be a successful digital marketing professional.

Don’t be judgemental, be wise!

The time is changing and it’s high time that you keep up the pace in the ever changing market and invest wisely. I don’t say that MBA will lead you to nowhere but it makes no sense to just be a part of crowd and survive on pea nuts, rather act smart and blend digital marketing skills with traditional marketing learning, it makes a perfect recipe to a stable and promising career.

Just imagine how about being paid to be on Facebook the entire day- sounds interesting, right? So, what are you waiting for?


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