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Top 5 Aspiring Careers for Women in Digital Marketing

Top 5 Aspiring Careers for Women in Digital Marketing

It is observed that most of the unpaid works are performed by the women’s in India. Approximately 10 times is what women are into unpaid works as compared to men. If in any way these unpaid works can be valued, the same can create a huge economy in India. Apart from that, India going digitally is compelling most of the companies to hire freelancers. However being digital is more like being creative and resourceful, women can play the best part as a freelancer. Below mentioned are few Digital Marketing opportunities for women as freelancers.

1.  Marketing Analyst

As a marketing analyst, you are supposed to analyse data and make marketing strategies. The more you have experienced more will be your pay for sure. If you are good at numbers it will be the perfect blend as you will be involved in high-level research. Strategic thinking and analytical skills are required in generic but if in case you are familiar with SEO, then it is too good to go.

2.  Digital Marketing Consultant

This role under digital marketing is paid really well as they are responsible for the company’s progress. Not only has this, after getting expertise in this domain you got two options available. One is like you may work for a firm in high profile or you can choose your work being a freelancer.

3.  Product Marketing Manager

Now, this particular title will be much loved by women’s. The job role includes new product release, branding a product & communications. You need to interact with customers on a regular basis so as to get feedback and strategize accordingly. If you have a passion towards software products with technical background this role will be the best.

4.  Content Strategist

A content strategist should possess skills just like as a blogger. You should be responsible for determining and finalizing what content is fit for your organization’s success. There are more opportunities for this role specifically full time as well as contractual.

5.  Marketing Copywriter

A good choice of working from home is what a copywriter can do in marketing. For women’s, the best-paid work they can do is copywriting which includes writing articles, blogs, e-books and web copy. Of course, it needs decent and good writing skills but this is what which can make them productive and earn. Furtherly they can also gain expertise in SEO because the companies need their writings seen on the web.

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